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OceanLove & LandLove Foundation were fiscally sponsored by UK Registered Charity No.1140972 


We welcome our new fiscal sponsor in The Hague with administration friends in the USA & Geneva.


Donations are welcome in any Currency - Send Checks/Money orders to OceanLove & LandLove Foundation.


Other Donation Payment Methods  -  for Bank Cards click on Credit-Card Logo




* OceanLove & LandLove Foundation accept credit cards on this site through our secure server. Select the amount to donate. 


*    Checks - A tax-deductible receipt will be sent to all donors who make the request. Checks must be made out to OceanLove & LandLove Foundation.


*    Pledge - You may chose to make a quarterly pledge to maximize your donation, while avoiding a year-end cash-flow shortage.


*   Transfer Stock - You receive a tax deduction and offset capital gains taxes when you give stocks that have appreciated in value. Consider donating stocks that zero meet your criteria for social responsibility and we shall convert them into positive action.


*   Fine Art Collections - OceanLove & LandLove Foundation welcome donations of fine Art from Ceramics, Sculptures, Paintings to that of important Private Collections carefully prepared for our Auction partners at Bonhams, Sotheby’s and Christies in London and New York - Simultaneously we are committed to returning Contemporary and Ancestral Indigenous Artefact Collections to their native homeland; and to assist in the establishment of museums when this is called for.


*    Bequest - When preparing or revising your will, you can make a lasting gift to OceanLove & LandLove Foundation by designating it as a recipient of part of your estate - We welcome Land and Property donations, and legacies globally. We are committed to replenishing the land and turning it into a Wildlife Monument as part of braiding our Wildlife Corridors together. 


*    Trusts - Certain trust actions may reduce your taxes now or in the future, while supporting OceanLove & LandLove Foundation. We can work with you and your financial advisor to set up such an arrangement.


*    Life insurance, IRAs or Pension Plans - You may list OceanLove & LandLove Foundation as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, IRA, or pension plan. This affords tax advantages and allows you to give a larger gift than you might otherwise be able to.


*   Take Advantage of Employer Matching Funds - If your employer has a policy of matching charitable contributions your donation to OceanLove & LandLove Foundation would automatically increase.


*   Ships, Maritime Cargo, Sailing Yachts and Land Vehicles welcome - Commercial/Private Flights, Air Miles, and Eco-Boutique Hotel partnerships welcome.


* Music and Film Rights - Royalties and Box Office - We welcome music and film rights, and royalties. Please contact us and let us know.


* In-Kind recent versions of MacApple computers, and smartphone Gifts - Please contact us and let us know what you have to donate and offer.


* We welcome the kind gift of a Recent Vehicle - 5 Door left-hand drive for Central Europe.


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