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OceanLove Foundation fleet, crew and maritime freight will collect and recycle domestic trash, while restoring the 'Cetacea Migration Pathways' and the bays where the cetacea regenerate and calf as part of the vital step stone to return retired captive dolphins to their native homeland and sanctuary.


OceanLove Foundation urges global governments to install marine sanctuaries and generous marine corridors all along their shorelines as a place of refuge for native dolphins, porpoises and migrating whales - and urges the navy, coast guards and air forces to patrol these marine sanctuaries and marine corridors, and to completely ban fishing within the vicinity of these corridors for marine refuge.


Please use the contact link for our on location spiritual clearing agenda - and to notify us of all GPS locations where cetacea strandings are known - This enables us to restore the environment where cetacea strandings have been located. Includes spiritual clearings to restore cetacea life for rehabilitation and for the navy wishing to clean-up retired dolphins.


We will install Livestream Whalesong Buoys along the pathway. 



LandLove Foundation contributes towards restoring life from distressed environments and conflict zones, globally.


LandLove Foundation provides on location 'Sutherland' holistic osteopathy practitioners training - Admissions for nurses, doctors and midwives.


Our spiritual clearing reservations favour - Admissions for orphans, child soldiers, refugees, and the military wishing to restore their lives.


Our spiritual clearing agenda includes the big five game animals, the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and rhinoceros, giraffes and zebras, and restoring the environment where there has been conflict with native inhabitants, and poachers.


LandLove Foundation provides on location animal osteopathy practitioners training - Admissions for native park rangers and vets.


While simultaneously it is our fervent priority to make that global citizens acquire Free access to clear spirit individually and within their habitat.


If there are no laws against individuals who get away with witchcraft, manipulation and bullying, and if there are no laws against people who bump individuals off through witchcraft or harming habitats through rituals then the United Nations Human Rights, the WHO and the European Court for Human Rights must Reform the Universal Health Care to provide Free access to clear spirit as a human birthright - and as a birthright for all living beings to recover well-being in their life and their habitat.


A clean humanity is a clean environment - to recover the sacred and the equilibrium between cultures as a global peoples upgrade and for the international academic boards to provide this awakening for their citizens.



Suave Foundation is dedicated to promoting OceanLove Group as an aesthetic showcase for the general public and will feature many of the World Monument Watch and Word Heritage sites through sustainable film, music and dance productions.


Suave Foundation welcomes dance partners and musicians to take part in launching the dance and composing campaign in preparation for OceanLove Group albums and benefit concerts.



OceanLove Bank is dedicated to OceanLove Group mission associates and their communities by providing the necessary sustainable funding through dedicated savings products and specific investment funds.


OceanLove Bank welcomes founding shareholders to subscribe to €50 million of the bank’s stock offering.