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Our Story

In 2001 Natasha Morley OceanLove Foundation founder and director, based in Hakalau Hawai'i Island was invited to consult for the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network WISN Hale Makua, elders program in Lahaina Maui, Hawai'i while visiting the Hawaiian Isles.


At the periphery of Moku’ula, a sacred site dedicated to fresh water, genealogy and the linking of external and internal realities, indigenous star knowledge, ancient wayfinding Navigating by the Stars and migrations.


OceanLove Foundation dedication to restoring the Cetacea Migration Pathways and in particular registering the sacred bays where the Cetacea regenerate and calf as World Heritage sites - was in alignment with WISN Hawaiian elder Hale Makua respective life dedication to reactivate the sacred sites throughout the great Pacific.


It is within this specific context for OceanLove Foundation 'UN High Recognition' goals, that Apela Colorado WISN co-founder and director, shared traditional Polynesian custom as a contribution towards Natasha Morley Trans-Polynesian Expedition preparations, and life dedication to register the sacred bays where the Cetacea regenerate and calf as World Heritage sites.


'Hawaiian elder Hale Makua was a great Kahuna on both sides of his family, and the last Hawaiian King - He was a chief and warrior directly involved in major military conflicts, from Beirut in the 1950's to the Vietnam war in the 1970's, where he was severely wounded. He was the keeper of extraordinary Polynesian wisdom, and a holy man who was highly regarded throughout the ocean world of Polynesia and beyond. He was the council elder, the Hono 'Hele Makua of the Hawaiian Spiritual Warrior Society - and member of the International Elders Council in service to humanity and global peace, taking part in global conferences including United Nations in New York with His Holiness the Dalai Lama'.©Hank Wesselman in The Bowl of Light.


It is within this specific context at Hale Makua passing, early 2004 - that Steve Donovan WISN former board of trustee, searched for the correct vessel aligned within Hale Makua project to protect and reactivate the sacred sites throughout the great Pacific, and beyond.


Late 2004 a Sausalito Ca. based friend of Steve Donovan - Mary Crowley, Ocean Voyages inc., Ocean Voyages Institute and Project Kaisei founder and director donated brigantine tall ship Kaisei to Natasha Morley for OceanLove Trans-Polynesian Expedition to register the sacred bays where the Cetacea Migrate, regenerate and calf as World Heritage sites throughout the great pacific, and globally.


In 2005 Natasha Morley for OceanLove Trans-Polynesian Expeditions visited Sausalito Bay Ca. to pay her respects to Mary Crowley, Kaisei and Ocean Voyages Inc. captains, as part of OceanLove Trans-Polynesian Expedition preparations while sailing out into the San Francisco Bay area, and the Golden Gate Bridge aboard tall ship Kaisei - and joined by the younger generation of the Lyman family of the Polynesian Voyaging Society as they travelled through to Honolulu.


From 2001 - and specifically from 2004 through to late 2008 OceanLove Foundation brought all the budget details, and parameters into alignment for OceanLove Trans-Polynesian Expedition lineage and blueprint.


By the end of 2008 OceanLove Foundation had to let go of Kaisei, as it had become incompatible to meet Mary Crowley of Ocean Voyages inc. latest financial requirements who on her side failed to call upon her ocean peoples community to support OceanLove Trans-Polynesian Expeditions funding aboard Kaisei.


OceanLove Foundation transparency and trust in sharing OceanLove Trans-Polynesian Expeditions blueprint strongly benefited Mary Crowley revived mission statement.


STS Kaisei 海星 'Ocean Spirit' a 58 m steel-hulled brigantine designed by Polish naval architect Zygmunt Choreń. She was built in Gdańsk, Poland in 1987. Originally commissioned by the Polish Yachting Association as the Zew, she was acquired by the Sail Training Association of Japan (STAJ) and delivered to Japan via the Panama Canal in 1993 following a 16-month maiden voyage under the United Nations flag in which she saw 100-knot (190 km/h) winds off the coast of Scotland and participated in the American Tall Ship Celebration in 1992.


Kaisei was then donated by the Japanese Sail Training Association to Mary Crowley of Ocean Voyages Inc. in Sausalito Bay Ca. prior to being donated to Natasha Morley for OceanLove Trans-Polynesian Expeditions in 2004.


During the 1992 - 1993 time frame Natasha Morley flew in from an intensive and very strenuous western Africa life initiation, caught up in sudden civil war and curfew - then onto passing the Cape Horn to the Antarctica south polar circle, encountering the great blue whales, wildlife, and returning the Chilean Antarctica iceberg from the Universal Expo of Sevilla - with trash collecting maneuvers, maritime oil spill prevention, and remote island topography while navigating aboard the AGS Yelcho on patrol throughout the Chilean Antarctica waters on mission with scientists, the Chilean Ambassador of the Antarctica Treaty and the Chilean navy.


The long toll of strenuous life experiences from having visited and lived a lifetime in distressed locations, and communities both home within the EU, and abroad - provided the intensive lifetime expertise required to pave the way for founding LandLove Foundation.


Over the years OceanLove Foundation has elaborated an explicit check list that our ships must comply to. It is all about having the correct ship, and the compatible vessels.


It is with much recognition that OceanLove Foundation pays tribute to the Polynesian South seas and Indian fishing communities, along with their respective navigation training schools who kindly provided OceanLove Foundation with the explicit vessel technical detail check lists.


It has taken a lifetime to bring all these fractions of information together from the many world travels - while cleaning-up intensive.


.. and It has taken a braided lifetime to recover and orchestrate all the material for both OceanLove Foundation and LandLove Foundation legacy to 'Restore Humanity' and to Restore 'The Cetacea Migration Pathways' inclusive to the sites where the Cetacea regenerate and calf as World Heritage.


It is only a matter of time now for OceanLove Foundation correct vessels to come together along with our crew, and fleet - and who will care for the well-being of OceanLove Foundation mission and legacy.


And it is only a matter of time now for LandLove Foundation team of practitioners to come together as a contribution to 'Restore Humanity' - and who will care for the well-being of LandLove Foundation mission and legacy.


Along with the World Health Organization and the Universal Health Care Reforms to awaken Humanity as part of our global peoples upgrade.


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