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OceanLove Foundation cares for the well-being of the cetacea, and our one water cycle.


Our priority is to bring together our sustainable shipping, and maritime cargo freight fleet of ships and crew to collect and recycle domestic trash while restoring ‘The Cetacea Migration Pathways’ and calving locations as World Heritage.


OceanLove Foundation fleet, crew and maritime freight will collect and recycle domestic trash, while restoring the 'Cetacea Migration Pathways' and the bays where the cetacea regenerate and calf as part of the vital step stone to return retired captive dolphins to their native homeland, and sanctuary.


OceanLove Foundation urges governments to install cetacea corridors all along their coasts, and to install marine monuments as a place of refuge for native dolphins, porpoises and migrating whales - and urges the navy, coast guards and air forces to patrol these marine monuments and cetacea corridors, and to completely ban fishing within the vicinity of these corridors - as part of extending the Antarctic Treaty.


Make it mandatory for the EU to turn the Bay of Biscay into a Marine Monument - and to provide the fishermen and their families with spiritual assistance for their reconversion onto their new pathway as ocean keepers of well-being.


Make it mandatory for world leaders to install marine corridors all around their territorials for the benefit of giving dolphins in residence, and migrating whales ease of access between world marine monuments - and make it mandatory for all nations to install Marine Monuments with commuting Cetacea corridors throughout all their oversea territorials as a place of refuge.



Please use the contact link to notify us of all locations where cetacea strandings are known - This enables us to restore the environment where cetacea strandings have been located.



Restoring 'The Cetacea Migration Pathways' will prevent strandings, and will provide ease for cetacea rehabilitation sanctuaries, globally - This includes spiritual clearings to restore cetacea life for rehabilitation and for the navy wishing to clean-up retired dolphins.


We will install Livestream Whalesong Buoys along the pathway.



Stranding Prevention


How To Proceed When Facing Individual Cetacea Strandings


*    Remain Extremely Calm 

*    Call the nearest Cetacea rescue line or the local authorities and give them the precise location and time. 

*    Prior to the professional dolphin and whale rescue teams arrival, gently dampen the Cetacea body, whilst avoiding all areas of the blowhole. This is crucial, absolutely zero water in the blowhole. 

*    Protect the dolphin ~ whale from the sun by gently applying damp clothes onto its body. 

*    Make sure that the blowhole sustains clear access with the open air. 


*    It is vital to keep all water and clothing away from blowhole access. 

*    If there are people around, make sure that every single person remains quiet and highly disciplined. 

*    Speak to the Cetacea with a reassuring nurturing calm voice, explaining what you are doing to contribute to its well being. 

*    If it is zero possible to call a Cetacea rescue line or local authorities, then attempt to take it out at sea, exclusively when possible, being absolutely aware that its heavy body is crushing down its lungs. 

*    Otherwise, simply and gently accept the scenario. By doing so, remain extremely calm with the Cetacea, by refreshing it through its ultimate moments with nurturing sensitivity.



How To Proceed When Facing a Pod of Dolphins or a Large Group of Cetacea Found Stranded

*    If you are with a group of friends, you should split, creating your own groups of assistance for those stranded Cetacea. 

*    See to them one by one, whilst remaining gentle and calm refreshing them one after the other. 

*    If you are alone remain extremely calm and highly disciplined. See to every Cetacea, one after the other, gently speaking to each one with as much love as you can possibly offer.


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