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LandLove Foundation contributes towards restoring life from distressed environments and conflict zones, globally.

LandLove Foundation provides on location Sutherland holistic osteopathy practitioners training. Starting in the Congo’s, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Central Africa and neighbourhood countries - Admission for native nurses, doctors and midwifes.


LandLove Foundation provides on location animal osteopathy practitioners training - Admissions for native park rangers and vets.


On location spiritual clearing and geopathic stress clearing, and training - to restore well-being on the front lines of those who have dedicated their lives to protecting endangered wildlife.

On location spiritual clearing reservations favour - Admissions for orphans, child soldiers, refugees, and the military wishing to restore their lives.

Our on location spiritual clearing agenda includes the big five game animals, the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and rhinoceros, giraffes and zebras, and restoring the environment where there has been conflict with native inhabitants, and poachers.

While simultaneously it is our fervent priority to make that global citizens acquire Free access to clear spirit individually and within their habitat.

If there are no laws against individuals who get away with witchcraft, manipulation and bullying, and if there are no laws against people who bump individuals off through sorcery or harming habitats through rituals then the United Nations Human Rights, the WHO and the European Court for Human Rights must Reform the Universal Health Care to provide Free access to clear spirit as a human birthright - and as a birthright for all living beings to recover well-being in their life and their habitat.

A clean humanity is a clean environment - to recover the sacred and the equilibrium between cultures as a global peoples upgrade and for the international academic boards to provide this expertise for their citizens awakening.



2015 OceanLove Group invites United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UN World Leaders, the World Health Organization, and World Spiritual Authorities to Reform the UHC for 'Individual and Habitat Spiritual Clearing Health Coverage' to Restore Humanity and our Habitats.


2016 OceanLove Group Invites United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UN World Leaders and World Water Distributors to upgrade World Water Treatment Centers to provide Clean FreshWater for our Oceans, the Environment and Humanity.


2017 OceanLove Group invites United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, European Leaders, the World Health Organization and UN World Leaders to Reform Baby Circumcision "We no longer need to condition boys to make good soldiers or slaves and must put an end to distressed men and make the long overdue corrections to restore humanity".


2018 OceanLove Group invites EU Commission, leaders of the UK, France, Germany and all other EU countries to give ease to EU landowners to create LandLove Foundation European Wildlife Corridor as a place of refuge for the land and wildlife to replenish - free from farming and free from hunting.


2019 LandLove Foundation and OceanLove Foundation addressed all the campaign reforms to António Guterres, Secretary General; and all the respective departments at United Nations both in UN Geneva and UN New York, the World Health Organization (WHO) President Dr.Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, UNESCO Audrey Azoulay, UN Human Rights Council, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, European Commission, European Parliament, EU Council, EU Delegation to the Council of Europe, including all the organizations and honorable delegations, and lawyers with a voice at United Nations to represent our Reforms at UN General Assembly in NY.



Our Western-European elders failed to do their spiritual clearings.. and failed to transmit a healthy spiritual legacy. It is our responsability, to make sure we get it right, and make the correct adjustments for the well-being of our People, and the people of our oceans 'The Cetacea’.


Ocean people communities around the world need to do their healing at an individual level, and heal their land, find out the root of the distressed land, and clear the spiritual blocks, the solution resides within the communities history and lineage, and their intent to let go of old practices, and by doing so ‘Restore’ their communities terrestrial ley lines and marine grids.


It is ‘The Cetacea’ the whales and the dolphins that hold the marine grids together, while it is ‘The Trees’ the birds and the insects that hold the terrestrial grids together.


We as a people, must heal our respective community ley lines, to prevent affecting the marine grids. The two go together, we need to do these spiritual clearings in order to restore ourselves, our oceans, and our ocean peoples.


It’s all about resorbing the exposures, we are at a time where the whales who have been, and still are holding the vibration, have been over exposed for way to long, there comes a time when the physical simply fries.


Our Western-European elders failed with this transmission, we must resorb these exposures and heal ourselves individually, this is the key to restoring terrestrial and marine grids for healthy world geomagnetic field frequencies.


Spiritual authorities and native people of the world from Maori communities, African communities, Australian, EU and world ocean peoples communities directly affected by the impact of mass Cetacea strandings are asked to clear the blocks that have been obstructing the well-being of their healthy migration pathways. We must reconnect with this spiritual blueprint and the natural laws of nature.


In some distressed locations the marine and terrestrial grid exposures impact on the Cetacea are as raw as “pouring acid on fabric” there comes a time when holding the vibration from distressed marine and terrestrial grids simply fries the system.


We must positively live our lives at a much deeper level and make both the necessary and correct adjustments.


UN World Leaders, the WHO, ministries of health, education, environment, science, interior and defense must Reform the WHO and the UHC to provide Individual and Habitat Spiritual Clearing Health Coverage to Restore Humanity, to empower their people around the world and give ease to restore their environments by making this a global priority.


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